7600 SW 104 St, Miami, FL 33156, US

Food Vendor Application

KUMC Art Festival 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Your completed application must be emailed no later than September 28, 2019. The application must include: 

1. Photograph of the food booth or cart, labeled with Vendor’s name and showing food products, signage, and cooking area in full operation.

2. Proof of insurance for bodily injury, property damage and public liability, (including product liability) attributable to Vendor’s activities in the festival in the minimum amounts of $250,000 for any one person, $1,000,000 aggregate limit. The policy must be written by a carrier licensed to write such policies in the State of Florida. Applications will not be processed without original certificate of insurance. Upon acceptance to the Festival, Vendor

must name KUMC Art Festival, KUMC and Village of Palmetto Bay as “Additional insured’s” on the policy

3. Food Services License copy from the State of Florida, Department of Business & Professional Regulation for temporary event.

4. Fees: a) The cost for (1) 11x11 booth space for one day is $200.00 including taxes. b) The cost for a 5X5 push cart space for one day is $125.00 including taxes. Our acceptance of your payment is not a confirmation of acceptance to the Festival.

5. Acceptance Notification:

a. A Notification of Acceptance and Space along with instructions for parking will be emailed to each Food Vendor by October 2, 2019.

b. Only one Food Vendor per each food category shall be permitted to sell in the Festival. Food Vendors may sell only the products which are listed in the Notification of Acceptance and Space.

6. Cancellation of Contract:

a. Any Vendor who cancels their Food Vendor Contract prior to September 14, 2019, will be issued a full refund of payment made for booth and cart spaces excluding $50.00. Cancellation must be in writing by E-mail no later than September 14th, 2019. b. Any Vendor who cancels their Food Vendor Contract after September 14, 2019, shall forfeit the entire fee paid for booth or cart space without any exceptions.

Name (please print)__________________________________________________________ Company name____________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________State________________ZIP_____________ 

E-mail_________________________Tel._________________Cell____________________ Federal Tax ID#______________________________________FAX____________________ Please list the food and beverage items you would like to sell and their prices (attach list if necessary) Item___________________________________________ Price________________ Item___________________________________________ Price________________ Item___________________________________________ Price________________ Item___________________________________________ Price________________ Item___________________________________________ Price________________

Number of food booth spaces at $200.00 _____ Please indicate if using following items: Generator Charcoal/Gas Grill.  Number of food cart spaces at $125.00 _____

I agree to abide by all rules and procedures set forth in pages 1, 2, and 3 of this application and to consider the attached pages 2 and 3 an integral part of the contract. I have carefully read the attachments with special attention to page 2, paragraph 1.



1. Permission to sell at the Festival: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Vending Contract, KUMC Art Festival and the Festival Committee agree to permit the Vendor to sell the foods or beverages at prices not to exceed those listed on the Vendor’s application. Vendor must have ample supply of food to serve through 4:00 PM on Saturday. Vendor agrees not to sell, distribute, or otherwise provide to any person at the Festival, with or without compensation, any type of soft drink, soda, or water. Vendor agrees not to sell, distribute, or otherwise provide to any person at the Festival, with or without compensation, any goods, foods, beverages, or other products other than the Vendor’s products approved by the Festival Committee. 

2. Space allocation: The Festival has the right to provide no space, or less than all the space for which Vendor has submitted payment, by refunding (without interest) all or part of payment received from the Vendor, and the Contract shall be binding and effective only with respect to the spaces so provided. 

3. Cancellation: Any Vendor who cancels their Food Vendor Contract by September 14, 2019 will be issued a full refund of payment made for booth and cart spaces excluding the application fee of

$50.00. Cancellation must be in writing by E-mail post marked no later than September 14th. Any Vendor who cancels their Food Vendor Contract after September 14, 2019, shall forfeit the entire fee paid for booth and cart spaces without any exceptions. 


a. Schedule: Vendor shall set up beginning at 5 AM and must have food preparation area completely set up by 9:00 AM on the Saturday of the event. Vendors shall close down their booths no earlier than 4:00 PM on Saturday.       

b. Booths: All Vendors shall occupy the space assigned. No transfers, assignments, licensing, or subletting of booths is allowed. The size of the space shall be 11' x 11' and booths must be placed within the designated space. Vendor shall provide an attractively designed sales booth for each space to be occupied by the Vendor. It must be of at least the quality shown in the Vendor’s submitted photographs. The sales booth shall be constructed in a safe and sturdy manner consistent with fire safety codes. All tents, stands, and tables supporting cooking facilities will be of stable construction, so as to prevent any accidental knocking over. Appropriate tent weights are mandatory and tents must be flame-retardant. All cooking, with charcoal or other flammable materials, will be conducted in the open areas, and reasonable precautions will be taken to protect the public from accidental contact with the cooking areas. All fuel containers and other flammable materials must be kept away and at a reasonable distance from the cooking areas. Generators and cooking facilities must be turned off completely before refueling.

c. Pushcarts: Pushcarts must be self-contained and completely mobile. All supplies, product, and fuel source must be enclosed within the cart.

d. Generators: Vendor shall supply gas-powered generators. Gas-powered generators must be

whisper quiet and equipped with sound barriers Loud generators will not be accepted. Absolutely no cords or hoses will be permitted to lie across the streets - no exceptions.

        e.    Vendors: Vendor and all employees shall be properly attired at all times. Vendor and employees are not permitted to drink or serve alcoholic beverages. Vendors shall wear plastic disposable gloves to serve the public and are subject to inspection by a Village of Pinecrest Health Code Officer. Any vendor closed down by the Health Inspector or the Festival Committee will not be entitled to a refund.


         f.     Signage: The Vendor shall post an attractive sign, visible to the general public, listing all items of the Vendor’s products for sale during the Festival and including the selling price for each item.

         g.     Fire: Vendors who will be cooking shall have a five-pound fire extinguisher at each sales booth or cart, with a class A or B rating. The extinguisher must be in serviceable condition. If no extinguisher is present, the Vendor will be shut down until one is obtained. At the end of the day, all coals must be removed from the festival grounds and may not be discarded within the festival site. All upright propane tanks must be secured in a manner to prevent accidentally being knocked over. Fire inspectors are on duty throughout the festival and will inspect each Vendor’s operations.

         h.     Trash: Vendors shall furnish trash containers for customers and be responsible for keeping their areas clean continuously throughout show hours. Vendor shall provide at least two trash barrels, clearly labeled with Vendor’s name, and sturdy plastic trash bags at each sales booth. Trash, in securely fastened trash bags, is to be deposited on a regular basis throughout each day into the nearest available dumpster. Any Vendor not leaving booth space clean and trash-free will be fined $100.00 at the time of departure.

Absolutely no dumping of cooking oils, coals any other food products into public street drains.

         I.       Security: Vendor shall be solely responsible for the security and safety of Vendor’s cash, equipment, goods, inventory, supplies, or other property.

5. Miscellaneous


         a.       Vendor may not assign or otherwise transfer Vendor’s rights and obligations under the Contract

without the prior written consent of the Festival Committee. No part of the Contract may be amended or waived except by a written instrument agreed to by both parties.

         b.       The Contract shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Florida. Vendors shall individually comply with the State of Florida sales tax regulations. In the event of any breach of the Contract by the Vendor or any employee or independent contractor thereof, the Festival Committee may bar or eject the Vendor from the premises of the Festival without any refund or credit for any payments made by the Vendor in connection with the Contract. Such action shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any claim by the Festival for damages resulting from such breach.

          c.        In the event that the KUMC Art Festival is interrupted or prevented without contributory fault or negligence of either party because of war, act of God, fire, national or local calamity, riot, or civil disorder, any act or regulation of public authorities, or any unforeseen occurrence or labor dispute, including strike or lockout of employees, then the obligations of the parties shall be suspended to the extent made necessary, but no refund shall be due or payable to the Vendor from the KUMC Art Festival for any fees paid. Neither the Vendor nor the Festival shall be liable to the other for any damages caused thereby.

          d.        The Vendor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Festival from and against any and all claims or assessments, regardless of the validity thereof., including any attorney’s fees and costs, attributable to or otherwise arising of any and all activities undertaken by or on behalf of the Vendor in connection with the KUMC Art Festival, including, without limitation, the preparation and sales of food or beverage(s.)